On the move in: Germany



Let’s go to Zurich…

Only in Winikon for one night and we already had to leave for another short hitchhiking trip. Since Michael found a job for one day at the Swiss Radio Day in Zurich, Tim and I spontaneously decided to join him. It took us almost an hour to get out of town to reach a suitable spot from where we could start hitchhiking. On our way there we passed many fruit-bearing trees, so we lined our pockets with delicious apples, plums and more as provisions for our journey. After we’ve reached our starting point it took us three rides to get to Zurich: two nice couples and a musician from Zurich had compassion for us and picked us up.



Camping in the wild

It was already late afternoon when we arrived in Zurich. We quickly withdrew some money, bought avocado, bread and beer for dinner and then had to cut across half the city to reach the place where we would have to spend the night. Since our budget is very limited we decided to camp in the wild again. The so called Käferberg seemed like a great spot for this – overlooking the city, sheltered by forests and far-off from any houses! When we arrrived, we saw many runners and even a group doing yoga – what a peaceful place! At least that’s what we thought when we put up our tents….



Swiss francs

Horrifying prayers of Christians at nighttime

After we went to sleep, I woke up by some nearby voices. I paused and could hear people praying in a foreign language. Very loud. Very frightening. And right next to our tents. It sounded like a get-together of a dangerous cult. The kind of cult you only see in horror movies. Words cannot describe how frightened I was. The guys took courage, got out of their tents and approached the group. The group consisted of three men who were standing in a circle with upward glance. When my friends asked what they were doing, they were ignored and the group continued with their prayers. Meanwhile, I was lying tensed up in my tent with my pepper spray in one hand – prepared for the worst. Many thoughts flashed through my mind. Thoughts that we probably wouldn’t survive the night. When the guys came back, one called the police and asked them to come since we were afraid of what would happen when the prayers stop. So we were waiting for our white knights to come rescue us. After what felt like hours, the prayers stopped and the police still wasn’t there. One more time, my friends approached the group to ask what was going on. And this time the men finally responded. They said that they’re Christians and coming together every Tuesday and Thursday night to get out of their comfort zone and receive blessings. When I heard that they suddenly were responding, I also took courage and left my tent to see what was going on. Then, after some weird small talk in the middle of the night, the group apologised for scaring us and left. We called the police again and said that everything was sorted and they didn’t have to come anymore and went back to sleep. In retrospect, I must say that this was one scary night which I probably will never forget about. But okay, weren’t we actually adventure-seeking? 🙂


This is where we camped.


Good morning Zurich!

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