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Time flies… Seven days in Cape Town and I’m already in love with this city!

Tonight I’ve seen a poster with the following on it: “This City Lights Up My Life” and so far I only can agree with this statement. To be honest, I think I’ve never been so impressed by a place before. I’m constantly having those “wow moments” where I’m just fascinated by what I’m seeing.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

As I’m new here, the so called hop-on hop-off bus tour seemed like a good opportunity in order to get a better overview of everything. So together with Loes, a Dutch girl from my studies, I played the typical tourist. This meant: driving around in a double-decker bus, listening to the announcements, getting out at certain sights and taking a lot of photos of almost everything.

Palm trees and strawberries

As for me, the highlight has been a spontaneous picnic in Camps Bay. Beautiful surroundings. White sandy beach. Big waves. Palm Trees. Blue sky. Green meadows. Delicious strawberries. And much more.

Markets, caramel vodka, concerts, beach, ostriches, etc.!

To conclude, I have to say that my first week in Cape Town was more than great! These last few days I’ve seen and done so much that it’s now difficult to put it all into words…

I went to markets with great international food, lovely wine and live music. I finally got feathers in my hair. I already met many nice people – bizarrely mainly future lawyers and teachers. I went out. I tried caramel vodka for the first time and actually liked it. I saw Desmond & the Tutus playing. I went to the beach. I  visited the West Coast National Park. Isaw zebras, ostriches, turtles and a unicorn in natural surroundings. I watched the sunset on the beach…twice! I went to a vineyard in Constantia. I  practised driving a car on the left side of the road. And I just realised that it’s already way too late and I should go to bed.

One week in Cape Town

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