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Now I’m already in Cape Town for two months; time is just flying…

And yet there are so many things I want to write about in my blog to share them with you but it seems so hard to find the time to just sit down and start typing. And also when I find the time to do so it’s almost impossible for me to put everything I’ve experienced into words, even though there are constantly so many thoughts and feelings running through my mind. But for now let’s just start with that one night in Khayelitsha…

Just take the Knight Bus….

Khayelitsha (21.09.13) 19

Mia, my Danish roommate, asked Shannon and me how we would feel about going out with her and her colleagues in Khayelitsha on Saturday. She’s working for an NGO, which is among others concerned with improving the quality of living of the people in the townships. Thus, they obviously also have employees from there. One of them is Ax, a very nice guy who is living in Khayelitsha, which is one of the biggest townships in South Africa. Since it was his birthday he invited us all to visit him to go out together. I’ve already been keen on doing a little “township tour” for some weeks now, so hell yeah! Count me in! Anyways, on Saturday evening we all got in one of those scary minibusses to drive to our party destination. Those vehicles always somehow remind me of the ‘Knight Bus’, which Harry Potter once took to get to Hogwards. They’re fast, don’t take care of anyone, and any obstacles, or mainly other cars, for their own safety, just get out of their way. But nevertheless, they’re very cheap, we only paid 15R (~ 1.10€) to get there.

Khayelitsha (21.09.13) 1

Before going into the township, we had a little Braai (South African version of BBQ), which you can see on the photo above. The atmosphere there was just incredible. Everyone was singing, dancing and just having a good time. The Braai was only composed of meat – so 5 minutes and a few bites later after we got our meat plate, we were ready to move on. I was already more than excited to see how people are actually living in there. It’s usually something you only see on photos or on TV and now I finally had the possibility to get a better insight.

Like a rock star!

Khayelitsha (21.09.13) 8

When we went in there, it was the way I imagined it to be, only better. Around us we saw small corrugated-iron huts, many people outside, children playing on the street, a cow walking around and much more. But it was not only about what I saw on that day, it was more about what I felt… It is difficult to describe the atmosphere – but despite the poor living conditions, everything felt so alive and powerful. People were sitting and standing together and talking to each other. Somehow it seemed like there was a closer bond between everyone since they’re living together in such a confined space. You could see more interaction between family, friends and neighbours compared to other places. The locals were smiling and waving at us since it is quite unusual for white people to walk around in these parts of the townships. Everyone seemed so excited that I almost felt like a rock star.

Khayelitsha (21.09.13) 6

We’ve walked around, were followed by a big crowd of adorable children, chatted with some locals and went out to two of the bars in the evening. I’m not going to bore you with any party details now, but I have to admit that it has been a great night out. Actually this Saturday, one month later, we will all go again to Khayelitsha, I’m already really looking forward to it! Last time I didn’t bring my camera with me, so unfortunately the quality of the photos is not that good. But soon I will also upload some pictures of Cultural Heritage Day so you can get a better impression of the townships here…

Khayelitsha (21.09.13) 15

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