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On my second day in Cape Town I was wandering around the city all by myself when a random guy approached me on the street and started talking to me.

His name is Nathi, he’s a local student in the area, already traveled in Europe and seemed very nice to talk to. We exchanged contact details and planned to hang out one day. In this case ‘one day’ has been on the 24th of September, on Cultural Heritage Day. On this particular day, people in South Africa celebrate and acknowledge their great diversity with regards to people, culture, religion and languages. Since 2005 this day has also been known as “National Braai Day”… So what could be better than following the lead of the locals and to have a braai on this public holiday?

Together with Nathi and one of his friends I went to Mzoli’s, which is a butchery in the township of Gugulethu, close to Cape Town. It’s a well-known and buzzing hot spot for tourists as well as locals. The concept is easy: buy your own meat, give it to the kitchen staff, find a table, wait for the food to be cooked and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Well-known bands and DJ’s as well as other kinds of live entertainment contribute to a pleasant experience in the meantime.

A private township tour

After we finished our braai, Nathi and his friend suggested taking me to the nearby townships and showing me where they live. Since I already had an absolutely amazing time in Khayelitsha the weekend before and everyone welcomed us so nicely, I was more than thrilled to see other townships and experience more of this culture.

We drove through Philippi, Crossroads and Nyanga, which gave me the opportunity to see many different parts of the area and to get a better insight of the daily routine of the people living there – passing colourful corrugated-iron shacks, small shops, clothes-lines, children playing on the street and much more. Again I was absolutely fascinated by the atmosphere and enjoyed this little private ‘township tour’. It has been a great day and I’m glad that my ‘acquaintance from the street’ has been so kind to show me around. When traveling, you always meet so many interesting people and I always love to get to know more about others and their culture. For me at least this is one of the best parts of traveling!

As promised, here are some of the photos which I took that day….

Cultural Heritage Day (24.09.13) 60 Cultural Heritage Day (24.09.13) 93

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