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People. Street Style. Impressions. Hong Kong. April 2013.

Something different this time.

In my opinion, the character of a city is always strongly influenced by its people and that’s why I sometimes just love to sit down and observe the crowds. Earlier this year I did this quite often together with a friend of mine – we were guessing nationality, age and occupation of various people passing by, which was quite an interesting pastime in an international city such as Hong Kong.

So here are some photos of friends or random people who I’ve approached on the street. They might give you an impression of Hong Kong and its people….

Gianni (26) - Italy

Gianni (26) – Italy


Kati Lee (24) – South Korea

Jessica (14), Katie (15), Sabrina (14) & Marie (14) - HK

Jessica (14), Katie (15), Sabrina (14) & Marie (14) – HK

Ron (24) & Kimmy (23) - Guangzhou

Ron (24) & Kimmy (23) – Guangzhou

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