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29/12/2012: Above the clouds

And there it is again: the feeling of infinite freedom and adventure. After 2.5 incredible years of study in the Netherlands, my friend Andy and I are now sitting in the air plane in the direction of Hong Kong. An exchange semester full of new impressions and experiences is awaiting us. Since the semester officially only starts on the 7th of January we have time to settle down and explore our new home. Fortunately we can directly move into our rooms on the campus. However, I can’t wait to meet the other students and see who I will be spending the next half year with. Somehow I’m already sure that we will have a great time together.

Flughafen Frankfurt (29.12.12) 1

At the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.

30/12/2012: First impressions…

After a sleepless night we arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon. We took the bus from the airport to get to our school which allowed us to look around and get a first impression of the city. Hong Kong looks promising as the cityscape overall seems green, neat and tidy.

Tram Party (20.04.13) 69

Bus ride through Hong Kong.

Our future domicile is situated out-of-town and the campus is much bigger than expected. It offers many sport facilities such as tennis courts, football fields, two swimming pools and a gym – certainly a spur to become more active any time soon. We also already made friends with some communicative and outgoing locals who invited us to eat a bowl full of meat with them. A word and a blow: our first cultural exchange in Hong Kong!

Silvester 2012 3

What a beautiful campus.

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