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The last two days I cheerfully roamed around the jungle. Even though I usually directly start screaming when encountering any creepy-crawlies, a Dutch man who I met on the journey was able to convince me of this tour. Together with Olla and Tascha from Poland and many other international ramblers we drove in a jeep into the jungle located South of Chiang Mai. Once we arrived, we were about to go on a three-hour long march through the wilderness.

We started walking. Uphill and downhill. The hike was more exhausting than expected. And soon we already discovered some big spiders who had constructed their webs without mercy midway through the paths. But fortunately these treacherous obstacles were broken through unharmed. The hike itself and the surrounding nature was fair and beautiful and we even had lunch next to a water fall. In the late afternoon we arrived at a very small mountain village which our tour guide called home.

Chiang Mai 2012 88

A village in the jungle.

After a delicious dinner and many travel anecdotes we went to bed in an open wooden hut. That night, I had the best night’s sleep ever. The sounds from the jungle… The fresh breeze… And the view over the beautiful rice fields the next morning was breathtaking.

Chiang Mai 2012 68
On our second day we hiked to an elephant camp. Together with Peng, a shy Chinese fellow traveler, I rode through the wild. Our elephant wasn’t such a nice companion though as he was constantly blowing air and slimily substances in our faces and tried to hit us with his ears and branches he picked up along the way.

Chiang Mai 2012 134

After our adventurous ride we went bamboo rafting which was even more adventurous. At least as far as I’m concerned. Completely soaked we sailed along the river. Our tour guide had a blast hosing us with his paddle, letting us almost capsizing and drawing our attention to snakes and spiders in our immediate vicinity. As soon as he discovered a snake along the shores, he teased it with his paddle so that it would swiftly turn into our direction. As you may know I’m very afraid of wild snakes. So most of the time I was just seized with panic, sometimes even screaming and more than thankful when I was on terra firma again. Too much adventure for me.

Chiang Mai 2012 137

Our tour guide in constant search of snakes.

But all in all I have to say that this jungle tour has been a once in a lifetime experience which I will never forget about. Now it’s time for me to hit the road to Pai though…

Chiang Mai 2012 141

Last evening in Chiang Mai.

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