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Travelling is so diverse and so are the accommodations you are staying at. Here is a review of a place I enjoyed very much in particular. So if you will ever go on the Garden Route and plan a stop-over in Oudtshoorn, this is what I recommend:

Amber Lagoon, located in the Klein Karoo and bordered by the Swartberg Mountains, is a beautiful accommodation in stunning surroundings only 30 km away from the Ostrich Capital Oudtshoorn. It is owned and managed by a German couple, Susanne and Kurt, who put their heart and soul into this place.

The name Amber Lagoon derives its origins from a ship. About ten years ago Susanne and her dog came together on a ship called Amber Lagoon to South Africa. It took them three weeks to reach their final destination. Needless to say, the long journey was worth it as she found the perfect spot for her own little paradise. Read and see for yourself…


When my family and I first entered the property we directly fell in love with it. Even though it was already dark we could make out a beautiful vegetation illuminated by various sources of light – it was like a beautiful little haven in the middle of nowhere. On arrival we were welcomed by two friendly dogs and Susanne who had already prepared a delicious dinner for us. Afterwards we were led to our tent where we would spend the night. I seriously do not remember the last time I had such a good night’s sleep. The tent was equipped with comfortable mattresses and could be opened on all sides, offering an incredible view to the clear starry sky. That night we fell asleep hearing nothing but the sounds of nature.

Next to camping, other sleeping facilities are available too. One can choose between dorms, bedrooms, a reedhut, a kudu stone cottage as well as a secluded little boat under the open sky – definitely a unique and unforgettable experience I suppose!

Sleeping facilities; on the right you can see the boat in which you can sleep under the open sky


The pool


View from the pool area


One of the bridges in the garden


Since Oudtshoorn is referred to as the Ostrich Capital you will definitely have to try ostrich meat in all its varieties – especially since Susanne and Kurt are true master chefs and offer finest cuisine!


The menu


Breakfast: ostrich scrambled eggs, pancake with Amarula


Lunch: fresh fruits from the garden


Dinner: salad, spätzle, ostrich goulash


Next to relaxing at the pool and enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna of Amber Lagoon you can also go on an exciting ostrich tour. I am not talking about those commercialised tours where ostriches will have a plastic bag pulled over their head so that tourists can actually ride on them. What I recommend is an authentic ostrich farming experience in the area. The local farmer will show you around the fields of his farm and explain everything you ever wanted to know about the world’s largest birds. Did you know? One ostrich egg is equivalent to 24 chicken eggs.

You also might consider visiting the Cango Caves, exploring the area by bicycle or taking part in any other activities offered near Oudtshoorn. And how about a well-deserved sundowner on top of a hill with spectacular views after that?


Susanne, the owner, together with one of her dogs



For more information just have a look at the following website:


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